Our Work

Our algorithmic design crosses multiple disciplines and industries. Broadly we leverage computation in three domains: Engineering, Design and Art. The real power of our algorithms is however best explained through our projects.


Product Design

We design advanced textures, structures and forms that enable new aesthetics and qualities for contemporary products.

Concept Development

Our concept development work involves speculative design, future-casting and early stage prototyping. We create physical models to embody abstract concepts to make them understandable, relatable and sometimes awe inspiring.



Our art installations do not just involve complex geometry, but rather a blend between electronics, data, geometry, sculpture, installation and sound design. We see ourselves as digital craftsmen who bridge the world of technology and art.

Artists we collaborate with:



Our data driven approach allows for complex geometry to be generated and informed by information from simulations, sensors and databases. Designing algorithmically allows us to seamlessly combine engineering and design to leverage the best of both disciplines.

Procedural Swatches