Bionic Sports Futures

Bionic Sport Futures is a speculative design project in collaboration with the additive manufacturing groupat Imperial College London. The project visualises a scenario where athletes have fully adopted bionic adaptations. Abnormal developed three 3d printed arms that each show a specific bionic enhancement.

3D prints

The three arms are printed in plaster with the replaceable muscles printed in a polymer based printer, making the speculative scenario tangible and conceivable. In the concept development work we were able to quickly iterate through different version of the arms and pick the ones deemed best. Going from rough concept to physical object in a matter of days greatly accelerates the ideation process, as the physical object makes sure everyone has the same image in mind when discussing a concept.

3d printed bionic arms

Physical prototypes and future probes

We strongly believe in the power of communicating through physical prototypes. Communicating futures scenarios and ideas requires strong narratives that can be effectively substantiated by having physical probes. Whether it is to get potential investors or collaborators excited about a project or to ground an internal meeting, physical prototypes help communicate concepts in an engaging and effective way.