Computational Art & Design

We craft algorithms that manifest as things you can touch, hear and experience.

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Complex geometry for modern manufacturing

We write algorithms to create intricate geometries that can't be acheived through traditional design methods. Altough the range of applications is vast, we focus on three areas: Art, Design and Engineering

Our areas of expertise:

computational structures and textures


Complex structures enable high-end functional requirements to be achieved.

High surface area structures for heat dissipation, better strength to weight ratios or outputs that automatically adapt to design changes. We use a simulation based approach to generating forms that allows for a level of complexity and customisation that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

Computational design in Engineering
Computationally designed wearable


Our algorithms fundamentally change how we approach design and aesthetics.

From organic, future-facing or bio-inspired forms to micron precision texturing with full control of customisation, we can enable designs to be on the cutting edge of digital manufacturing.

Our computational approach to Design
Dancer dancing to computational sound piece


Bringing digital craft to technology enabled contemporary art.

We help materialise concepts with the highest level of digital craftsmanship. We love to assist with responsive sound compositions, electronics and software for interactive installations or any other creative tech support artists might need.

Creative technology for the Arts