Infra; Knife

Infra Knife displays the power of algorithmic design for high-end product design. We have developed an algorithmic texture which is inspired by hand hammered japanese knives. Our algorithmic approach allows us to have control over every individual detail of the texture and organically blend textures in and out. This level of control over texturing is unprecedented and opens up a whole new range of possibilities for product design.

Generative 3d printed kitchen knife

Another advantage of digitising the texturing is that we can create a reproducible range of textured knives. The craftsmanship is shifted from the physical forging to digitally crafting algorithms. Depending on what's needed, each blade's texture can either be precisely the same, or one of a kind.


An additional feature of the Infra Knife is the balancing algorithm that varies the internal density of the knife to make it perfectly balanced to the user's needs. This can be achieved either through external geometry erosion and dilation, or with internal lattice structuring. Regardless of whether the knife has a longer grip or shorter blade we can accurately balance the blade in our simulation to achieve the perfect feel.

Metal 3D printing

Leveraging advancements in metal 3D printing enables batches of textured and balanced knives to be produced at scale. Not only does this enable local manufacturing it also enables an amazing flexibility in production capacity.