We are a London-based computational art and design studio. We are fascinated by how algorithmic approaches to finding and shaping physical forms can bring previously impossible functions and aesthetics into the world with ease. We craft beautiful algorithms that manifest as things you can touch, hear and experience. Collaboration is central to our approach so if you're in need for complex geometry, generative sound or interactive electronics send us an email!

Topics: procedural design, algorithmic design, nature, physical forms, morphological computation, creative tech, installation art, innovative engineering

Mick Geerits

Mick Geerits

Mick is a designer with a passion for technology. His background in Industrial Design, Philosophy and Strategy Consulting all contribute to an holistic approach to design. He loves diving into code and electronics as much as debating the abstract values of a project. His obsessions include: emergent behaviour, decentralized systems, electronics and growth algorithms.


Duncan Carter

Duncan Carter

Duncan is a designer and engineer fascinated by generative sound and form. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Sustainability his interests include: data driven and computational design; cradle to cradle sustainability; sound and acoustical design; artificial animal products and Effective Altruism.



Augmented Nature - Finalist VPRO Toekomstbouwers 2018 - Dutch National Television


Augmented Nature - Thingscon; System Reboot - Rotterdam 2018
Algorithms Unmasked - Dutch Design Week - Eindhoven 2018
Augmented Nature - Dutch Design Week - Eindhoven 2018
Algorithms Unmasked - London Design Festival; Exhibition Road 'Day of Design' - London 2018
Algorithms Unmasked - Science Museum; Year of Engineering- London 2018
Infra - Imperial College; degree show - London 2018
Polycultured - Imperial College; degree show - London 2018
Infra - Royal College of Art; degree show - London 2018
Polycultured - Royal College of Art; degree show - London 2018
Augmented Nature - Royal College of Art; WIP - London 2018
WIM - Victoria and Albert Museum - London 2017


Beeosphere - Evening Standard and Reuters
Augmented Nature - Dezeen
Augmented Nature - nu.nl
Augmented Nature - Designboom
Augmented Nature - Springwise